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I finally made a Facebook fan page everybody! I'll be posting art, in-progress work, announcements relating to commissions, con appearances and such.

You'll even find some artwork that hasn't been posted on deviantArt!

Please check it out and Like!


Hi everyone! I'll be at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo Artist's Alley (Booth O15), this year! It's my first time in Chicago!
I'll have the prints, comics and original art to sell as well as doing commissions on site. 
I'm looking forward to meeting all of you there!

Happy New Year everybody!
Had a bit of accident with a hand weight falling on my foot, but getting better!
Here's to a injury free year!

I'm also hoping to do more commissions and conventions this year so keep an eye out for the journals notifications!

Best wishes,

Because I am such at a whiz at self promotion here is a belated announcement of my first serialized comic published by EMET Comics!

Inside the Loop is a dystopian Sci-Fi story written by Cindy Tobisman and drawn by me!
You can purchase the comic directly through their site:
or through Comixology.

Here's a link where you can download the first few pages to preview for free!

Thanks to Maytal Gilboa for the opportunity to work on this. And also please check out the other comics at EMET Comics.

Very excited!
Best, Lynne
Hi everybody,
Some of you guys have been asking if I'll be at New York Comic Con's Artist Alley this year.
Nope. Sorry, I didn't get in.:(
Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed, but you know what screw that! I'm still doing NYCC commissions.

If anyone is interested, email me at protokitty(at)
Head sketches ($60) on 9 x 12 paper, sketch cover or sketch book. Example:
Psylocke by Protokitty
Quick pencil sketches ($15) on 8.5 x 11 paper, sketch cover or sketch book. Example:
Punk Storm Pencil Sketch by Protokitty
I will also be doing a limited number of ($150) single 3/4 character illustrations on 9x12 paper. Example:
Cloak and Dagger by Protokitty
I'll try to have these ready for pickup by Friday, Oct 9th. You can pick up them up :iconts3: Tim Smith's table at Artist's Alley, Table W3 ( While you're at it get a sketch from him too!)
Those who would like to have their sketch in a sketchbook or sketch cover can mail them to me before the con or drop them off at Tim's table by Saturday 1pm. I'll try to have these ready by Sunday, Oct 11 for pick up.

Have fun at NYCC!


Hey everybody,
I won the Haley Atwell Judge Prize! Yay!…

If you're interested in buying a shirt here's the link. I recommend the red!

Noir Or Never (Mens):…
Noir Or Never (Womens):…

Thank you for all your support!
Wonder Woman Charity Auction 2015 by Protokitty
Hi Everybody!
This 11x17 Wonder Woman piece is going up for auction for charity between Sept 24th to Oct 2nd. It's for a good cause, the organization CASA SHaW, helps find safe homes for foster kids. To bid on the piece go to…

Comic Fusion is also hosting other great pieces of art for auction! Check them out at….

Best Lynne

Aloha everybody! I'll be attending the very first, Amazing Hawaii Con this weekend! This one is a special one cuz, Hawaii is my old hometown! There were never comic-cons in Hawaii when I was growing up, it's about time! 

I'll be at the Artist's Alley taking sketch commissions and selling prints and comics. Stop on by if you you're in the neighborhood. I'm looking forward to meeting fellow local comic fans!

Who spent their childhood at Jellys and Gecko Comics? I did! I did!

Hi Everybody,
WeLoveFine, the apparel company asked me to submit my Agent Carter fan art as a t-shirt design. If you'd like to see this t-shirt be made, vote and rate for it here!

The more people who rate it positive the more likely the chance the shirt will be made. There are other awesome designs too, so check them out. There's only a few days left to rate t-shirts!

Hi everyone,

I'll be at the Garden State Comic Fest tomorrow in Morristown, NJ.

Come stop by my table if you happen to be there! I'll be selling my usual wares of comics, prints and original art. Sketch commissions can get filled up pretty quick so sign up early!

Hi Everybody,
I'll be at NJ Comic and Anime con at the Hyatt Morristown on Saturday June 27th.
As usual I'll be selling original art, prints, comics and doing on site sketch commissions.
Here's a sample of one of the sketch commissions I did at my last con.
Hope to see you there!

Batgirl '66 Commission by Protokitty
Hi Everybody!

I'll attending this year's NYCC Special Edition at at Pier 94 in New York City.
I'll be selling prints, sketches and comics, so please cone by and check it all out!
I'll also be doing head sketches, like the one below for $50 a piece and $10 quick pencil sketches.
Spider-Gwen Portrait by Protokitty

I really wanted to do some pre-commissions earlier, unfortunately an illness really set me back quite a bit.
I might be able to squeeze in a few simple commissions, so if you're interested, drop me an email at protokitty(at)

Hi everybody!

After months of waiting my first independently published comic is now on sale at Comixology for 99 cents!
If you'd like a little preview of the art before buying it check out my sequential gallery here.

Any one who is interested in purchasing a printed copy, email me at protokitty(at) I've only made 100 copies of it so order now! It's $5+shipping.

And if you like the comic, spread the word!


She Makes Comics, a documentary about women in the comics industry, is now on sale at…!
It was successfully Kickstarted a few months ago.
They asked for art submissions and they chose two pieces of mine to show at the end credits.
Highly recommended! Check it out!
Bleeding Cool released a review of my first comic.

I am so psyched!
The story is a sci-fi suspense story inspired by one of my favorite movies, Aliens. It's pretty short, 14 pages long. Any one who is interested in purchasing a printed copy, email me at protokitty(at) I've only made 100 copies of it so order now! It's $5+shipping.

I'll also try to make it available for digital download soon through Comixology or maybe Amazon. I will keep you updated.


Hi everybody!
It's been a chaotic few weeks but I will be at New York Comic-Con's Artist Alley again! This year I will be sharing a table with my friend, Carlos Lao :iconthwiipp:.
The table number is H14.
I will be selling prints and doing head sketches ($50) like this:
Black Canary by Protokitty
and quick pencil sketches ($10) like this:
Punk Storm Pencil Sketch by Protokitty

This year I'll be selling my first self published comic!

It's a short scifi fantasy story. Please come check it out!
Heya guys! Happy 4th of July.

The Dare2Draw TV Pilot which I was a contestant in will air today!
You can watch the full show on MNN Channel 4,"The Culture Channel" livestream or on Time Warner Cable Channel 67 on Friday, July 4th 2014 from 4:00PM to 5:00PM EDT.

Here is some of the art I did for the show.

Dare2Draw website
Dare2Draw facebook
Dare2Draw twitter
Dare2Draw TV Pilot event info

Don't miss it!

I have to apologize for my absence at DA. I've been working on a short comic story these past few months and it has taken up most of my time.
Compounded with my already bad habit of putting off emails, I've let all my emails and deviantart notes pile up. AIEEGH!
Again, I'm sorry I did not respond to your emails and notes. I'm slowly tackling all of them.

Any way here's a sneak peek of the comic. I'm almoooost finished.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. A lot of you will be receiving belated birthday thanks in your comments.

Heya guys!
Have you heard of Dare2Draw? It's a monthly meetup of artists at the Society of Illustrators (NYC) where you draw, network, get mentored and win great prizes.

One the highlights of Dare2Draw is the Quick Draw Contest which you are given 30 minutes to draw from a single theme. Overall it's a very challenging and thrilling activity. Recently they successfully Kickstarted a TV show based on the Quick Draw concept.
I was invited to be one of their contestants for their TV pilot! Phil Jiminez is the host!

You can watch the full show on MNN Channel 4,"The Culture Channel" livestream or on Time Warner Cable Channel 67 on Friday, July 4th 2014 from 4:00PM to 5:00PM EDT.

I think it's a one-time event so don't miss the opportunity make fun of me walking and talking and oh, yeah drawing!

If you live in or near New York city I definitely recommend you attend at least one of the Dare2Draw meetings. I've been to a couple and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dare2Draw website
Dare2Draw facebook
Dare2Draw twitter
Dare2Draw TV Pilot event info

Hi everyody!

This Saturday, March 1st, I will be at Mike Carbo's New York City Comic Book Market Places selling prints, original art work and doing sketches.
If you happen to attending stop by my table! Hope to see you there!