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She Makes Comics, a documentary about women in the comics industry, is now on sale at…!
It was successfully Kickstarted a few months ago.
They asked for art submissions and they chose two pieces of mine to show at the end credits.
Highly recommended! Check it out!
Bleeding Cool released a review of my first comic.

I am so psyched!
The story is a sci-fi suspense story inspired by one of my favorite movies, Aliens. It's pretty short, 14 pages long. Any one who is interested in purchasing a printed copy, email me at protokitty(at) I've only made 100 copies of it so order now! It's $5+shipping.

I'll also try to make it available for digital download soon through Comixology or maybe Amazon. I will keep you updated.


Hi everybody!
It's been a chaotic few weeks but I will be at New York Comic-Con's Artist Alley again! This year I will be sharing a table with my friend, Carlos Lao :iconthwiipp:.
The table number is H14.
I will be selling prints and doing head sketches ($50) like this:
Black Canary by Protokitty
and quick pencil sketches ($10) like this:
Punk Storm Pencil Sketch by Protokitty

This year I'll be selling my first self published comic!

It's a short scifi fantasy story. Please come check it out!
Heya guys! Happy 4th of July.

The Dare2Draw TV Pilot which I was a contestant in will air today!
You can watch the full show on MNN Channel 4,"The Culture Channel" livestream or on Time Warner Cable Channel 67 on Friday, July 4th 2014 from 4:00PM to 5:00PM EDT.

Here is some of the art I did for the show.

Dare2Draw website
Dare2Draw facebook
Dare2Draw twitter
Dare2Draw TV Pilot event info

Don't miss it!

I have to apologize for my absence at DA. I've been working on a short comic story these past few months and it has taken up most of my time.
Compounded with my already bad habit of putting off emails, I've let all my emails and deviantart notes pile up. AIEEGH!
Again, I'm sorry I did not respond to your emails and notes. I'm slowly tackling all of them.

Any way here's a sneak peek of the comic. I'm almoooost finished.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. A lot of you will be receiving belated birthday thanks in your comments.

Heya guys!
Have you heard of Dare2Draw? It's a monthly meetup of artists at the Society of Illustrators (NYC) where you draw, network, get mentored and win great prizes.

One the highlights of Dare2Draw is the Quick Draw Contest which you are given 30 minutes to draw from a single theme. Overall it's a very challenging and thrilling activity. Recently they successfully Kickstarted a TV show based on the Quick Draw concept.
I was invited to be one of their contestants for their TV pilot! Phil Jiminez is the host!

You can watch the full show on MNN Channel 4,"The Culture Channel" livestream or on Time Warner Cable Channel 67 on Friday, July 4th 2014 from 4:00PM to 5:00PM EDT.

I think it's a one-time event so don't miss the opportunity make fun of me walking and talking and oh, yeah drawing!

If you live in or near New York city I definitely recommend you attend at least one of the Dare2Draw meetings. I've been to a couple and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dare2Draw website
Dare2Draw facebook
Dare2Draw twitter
Dare2Draw TV Pilot event info

Hi everyody!

This Saturday, March 1st, I will be at Mike Carbo's New York City Comic Book Market Places selling prints, original art work and doing sketches.
If you happen to attending stop by my table! Hope to see you there!

Hey everybody!

I will be at New York Comic-Con's Artist Alley this year, sharing a table with the ever magnanimous Tim Smith III :iconts3:.
The table number is D17 at the North Pavilion.
NYCC map.
I will be selling prints and doing head sketches ($50) like this:
Black Canary by Protokitty
and quick pencil sketches ($10) like this:
Punk Storm Pencil Sketch by Protokitty
There will also be a few pieces of various original artwork to sell. Some will be from my sketchbook which I'll be posting a few images here daily.
I also have a piece, which I worked very hard on, up for auction at the 3rd NYCC Charity Auction
Storm Portrait 2013 NYCC Charity Auction by Protokitty
I've been asked if I will be doing any pre-con commissions. I may have a bit of time to do this time, maybe 3-4 at the most and nothing too complicated. Since demand seems to be high I'm thinking of doing some sort of lottery system. I'll post more details soon in another journal entry.

I'm excited! Are you excited? Woo!
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I was recently interviewed by
Check out the interview. Woo!

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Hey y'alls

Some of you may already know, but I will be at NYCC this year at Artist's Alley.
The table number is D7 which I will be sharing with the talented Tim Smith III :iconts3:.

Some have been asking if I will be taking pre-commissions. While I'd love to oblige, I may not have the time. I've been scrambling printing out prints, finishing up older commissions/projects, and trying to get ready for my family trip to D.C.

I'm a wee bit stressed out.

However, I will have a few pieces original art to sell and will be selling prints and sketch books. I will also be doing sketches on-site at the con.

Hope to see you there!
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DeviantArt is hosting a competition where they are offering 6 scholarships to San Diego Comic-Con.

All about it here.

They changed up the rules this year, so I decided to have a go at it.
Of course, I wait til the last minute to enter it and of course I catch a cold at the last minute too.

Ugh. There submitted portfolio, now I can chug some Nyquil and enter a blissful coma.

For those who have never been to SDCC, I highly recommend it. It's been a long time since I've gone (as an attendee) but I'm sure it's as awesome as ever. It's pricey to go, hence entering this competition, but very much worth it if you're a comic fan.
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For those who will be interested in getting sketch commissions from me at NYCC I've made a price list .

I can probably only do 3-4 commissions per day (not including Thursday, sorry won't be at the table). So sign up for the list early.

For this con I've decide to offer a special 'Color Marker' option. I don't usually offer color marker sketches for my commissions because well, I don't usually have all the colors necessary to fill requests. At the con at least I can say, "Sorry I can't do Purple Man, I don't have enough purple."

For those who don't mind waiting to get their commission mailed in later (free shipping under $3) there are more options available.

Oh, and I've decided to take back my 'only head sketches' rule and offer 1/2 body sketches too.

See you there!

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Hi everybody!

Just wanted to let everybody know that I will be attending NYCC at the Artist's Alley.

I'm at booth B6 sharing a table with Tim Smith III :iconts3:.

I will be selling prints and sketchbooks, as well as taking sketch commissions while I'm there too (probably only head sketches, as the larger ones takes time, I may add a color option).

See you there!

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Hello, it's been awhile.

First of all I wanted to thank all the people who gave me kind birthday wishes. Thank you!

Also I wanted to announce that I decided to crawl out of my little hole in the ground and start doing conventions.

I thought y'know I should start actually meeting people.

I'll be sharing a table with the generous and talented :iconkharyrandolph: at the New York Big Apple Comic-Con 'Spring Edition' at Penn Plaza this Saturday and Sunday May 21st and 22nd. The table is under his name so just look up Khary Randolph and I will be there!

I will be selling prints, sketchbooks, and hand drawn sketches. So if you happen to be there, stop by!


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I'm off to the New York Comic Con!

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The thing that sucks is this is the 3rd time in 4 years (The last infestation was over 2 years ago.) With cleaning, bagging, washing and spraying, I am exhausted and exasperated. Plus when I tell people about my situation they look at me weird and take two steps back. I feel like a pariah. Not fun.

As you can imagine, I have not been drawing much, but I'm determined to get some semblance of order by the end of the week so I can spend Labor Day weekend just drawing and relaxing.

Apparently I am delicious.
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Artwise, these past few weeks have been über productive for me (I'll upload what I've been working on deviantArt later). It all came screeching halt last week when:

1) I got struck with food poisoning. (Possible culprit organic blueberries from Trader Joe's)


2) Dragon Quest IX came out on DS.

I'm feeling lots better since last week (can eat solid foods, yay!)

However the prognosis of overcoming DQ9 fever does not bode well.

Too... much... fun... must complete.... all quests... go on without me.

*collapses on floor*

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I have just noticed I hit my 2 year mark on deviantArt last week and decided it's about time to change my avatar. The previous red fluffy thing was just something I made a looong time ago and was conveniently lying around my hard drive.

So now I formally introduce,the real PROTOKITTY!

She's a space-faring, genius, cat o' adventure, saving the universe in-between kittynaps.

Yup, she's a character I created a while ago with the intent of creating a comic around her. The story loosely based on 'Puss-in-Boots' and the 'Last Starfighter'. It'll probably be long while 'til I get to drawing it, but for now she will serve as my official mascot.

Long Live Protokitty!:w00t:
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It's been over a year since I joined deviantArt and this is my first journal entry.

Hello! :D

First, I want to thank the deviants out there for their kind comments, favs and deviant watches.

Secondly, I want to apologize for not responding.

Writing does not come naturally to me (that's probably why I draw). Often times when I sit down to try to write, I hear a desolate WOOOOOO noise and my mind goes blank.

Still that's no excuse. I promise to be better about it and to respond to comments. It might be a while but I will respond!

DeviantArt is such a great community it would be a shame if I didn't take part in it. It's time to get over my writing anxiety and start reaching out!

Here's to a fun and prosperous future on deviantArt.

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